Choosing The Right Epoxy Color Chips

Epoxy Floor Color Chips

One of the biggest benefits to using epoxy floor coating is the number of colors you have to choose from. With the variety of epoxy color chips available to you, you may have a hard time selecting the ones you like best for your business. The tips below will help you narrow down your options so you can select the perfect epoxy color chips for your building.

Think About Your Flooring Needs

When it comes to choosing epoxy floor colors, you have to first ask yourself how you need your floor to function. Is it just meant to be a design element, or does it serve a greater purpose? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there any areas of the floor that need to be marked in a special color, such as a walking path or a restricted zone of the building?
  • Is there dust or chemicals that may fall on the floor and need to be hidden or highly visible?
  • Are there any logos or special designs that you want to add to your epoxy floor coating?
  • Are the floors going to get dirty quickly? (Consider an easy-maintenance color that does not show dirt well)

Once you determine exactly what you want out of your epoxy floors, you can easily select colors that will accommodate your needs accordingly.

Solid vs. Mixed Epoxy Color Chips

There are two main categories of epoxy floor color chips to choose from: solid or mixed. The solid covers are grey, yellow, red, etc., and they come out as large slabs of color with no variations in them. These colors work well for marking paths and zones in the workspace, and they can help set a single, neutral tone in the building. If you want something with a little more depth though, you may go for a mixed set of colors that will have several different tones in the same family. For instance, our Black Marble Sparkle color chips have black, white, grey, beige, and several other colors mixed throughout. This will give your flooring dimension, and it may help hide dirt on the surface better than a solid color would.

Pairing Color Chips Together

You don’t have to stick with just one color for your epoxy floors. You could choose any combination of colors you could think of. Say, for instance, that you want a border to go along the outside of the floors. You could choose a neutral color like Haze Grey to act as the border and then use something like the Harley Mix for the rest of the flooring. Talk to an industrial flooring expert near you about your options to help you decide what you want for your epoxy floors.