Concrete vs. Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Concrete Versus Epoxy Floors

When it comes to industrial flooring, there is a never ending battle between concrete and epoxy. While both can serve as a solid foundation for a warehouse, manufacturing plant, etc., the fact is that there are some obvious benefits to using epoxy floors instead of basic concrete. Before you decide which flooring material is right for you, consider this comparison of concrete and industrial epoxy flooring.

Durability Against Daily Wear And Tear

Both epoxy and concrete are designed to stand up to daily wear and tear, but epoxy can do so a lot better and a lot longer. That is because of the general makeup of the epoxy. Not only is it stain resistance and chemical resistant, but it is also resistant to cracking and chipping. Concrete will crack and wear down over time, but epoxy will still be going strong. In fact, epoxy floor coatings are often used to fix concrete cracks because they can be poured directly over existing concrete floors. The upgrade is worth the rewards.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Both flooring materials can be easy to clean, but once again epoxy ranks just a little higher in the ease-of-maintenance department. That is because the seal on the surface of the epoxy prevents stains from forming on the flooring. As long as you know how to sweep and mop, you can take care of epoxy floors. Because epoxy floor coating is crack resistant, you don’t have to worry about dirt and liquids getting trapped in crevices along your floors. You’ll have a great looking, clean environment to work in every time.

Prevention Against Trip And Fall Hazards

You can protect your guests and employees from tripping and falling by installing epoxy flooring with a slip-resistant additive. While slip-resistant shoes will help minimize trip and fall hazards, this added friction on the surface of the floor will significantly improve safety levels in your work zone. You can’t get that from basic concrete floor. Luckily, you can always add epoxy over your concrete flooring if you want to enjoy benefits like this in the future.

Visual Appeal

At the end of the day, epoxy floors look better than concrete floors. They come in a number of colors for you to choose from, and they provide a prominent sheen that is sure to make your business look its best. No matter how you compare industrial epoxy flooring and concrete, the epoxy is going to come out on top. Keep that in mind as you being exploring industrial floor coverings for your business.