ESD Epoxy Floors

ESD Epoxy Floors
ESD epoxy floors are designed to minimize static in your workhouse. At North American Coating Solutions, we offer static control flooring for small to medium sized businesses and large corporations. Our ESD floor paint system will evenly coat your existing concrete, creating a smooth, spill-resistant surface that lasts for years in the future. If static control is your top priority, our ESD epoxy floors are perfect for you.

Superior Static Control With ESD Epoxy Floors

ESD epoxy floors offer superior static control for a variety of industries, from manufacturing plants to packaging supply centers. Unlike traditional epoxy floors that last five to ten years, this flooring is ultra-durable, lasting 15+ years with proper care. North American Coating Solutions offers a five year warranty for all of our flooring applications, so you will be protected no matter what. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Environmentally Friendly Flooring That Is Easy To Install And Maintain
  • Enhanced Vapor Emission Resistance And Amazing Load Carrying Capacity
  • Easy Electrical Grounding To Control Static And Prevent Shock In Your Business
  • Fast And Easy Application For ESD Epoxy Floors
  • Tested And Proven Durability Against Daily Wear And Tear

When you need dependable static control and long-lasting floor coating, trust in ESD epoxy floors to protect your business. Contact North American Coating Solutions today at (586) 226-9416 for your free epoxy flooring quote.

Custom ESD Epoxy Floors For Your Entire Work Facility

Like most epoxy flooring solutions, ESD epoxy floors can be customized for your business needs. You can select the color and style you want for your flooring, and you can enhance your floors with chemical additives. Examples include: antimicrobial protection, professional waterproofing, and moisture-reducing solutions. Talk to North American Coating Solutions today and explain what you need out of your ESD epoxy floor coating. We will discuss your options so you can choose the best flooring for your business.

Are ESD Epoxy Floors Right For Your Business? Call (586) 226-9416 To Find Out!

ESD epoxy floors can work well in any environment, but they are specifically successful in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospitals And Healthcare Centers
  • Control Rooms And Other Electrical Hubs
  • Oil And Chemical Production Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Centers
  • Laser Technology Manufacturers
  • …And Other Facilities That Benefit From Static Controlled Flooring

If your business falls in line with those industries, ESD epoxy floors are a perfect fit for you. Contact North American Coating Solutions today to learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring.