Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating
Garage floor coating can improve the lifetime of your garage flooring and make your home look better along the way. You don’t have to be a car dealership to have slow-room quality floors. Invest in the durable epoxy floor coatings available at North American Coating solutions and add years to your garage floor. Our garage floor coating solutions in Metro Detroit are backed by a 5 year workmanship guarantee. You can trust in our family owned business to enhance your garage today.

Add Years To Your Flooring With Heavy Duty Garage Floor Coating

After years of wear and tear, your garage flooring can crack, stain, and grind away. Rather than replacing your concrete, you can resurface it with the heavy-duty garage floor coating we offer at North American Coating Solutions. Our professional garage flooring installers will repair your damaged concrete and add industrial floor coating to the surface so you can get the most out of your garage floor. With one simple investment, you can restore your garage floors for decades to come.

The Benefits Of Garage Floor Coating And Concrete Restoration Services

Garage Floor Coatings With EpoxyIs garage floor coating worth the investment? You bet it is! Our concrete floor restoration specialists will repair your existing garage floors and protect them from excessive damage in the future. With our industrial floor coatings, you will get:

  • Improved Durability From Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Coating
  • Better Looking Garage Floors That Improve The Value Of Your Home
  • Optional Slip-Resistant Additives To Improve The Safety Of Your Workspace
  • Beautiful Epoxy Floor Paint That Transforms your Garage Into A Show Room
  • Easy-Maintenance Garage Floor Coating That Is Resistant To Spills, Stains, Chemicals, And Excessive Wear
  • Industrial Flooring Solutions That Apply Directly To Your Existing Concrete Floors
  • Complete Concrete Repair Services That Make Use Of The Flooring You Already Have
  • Time-Saving Preparation Methods That Reduce The Cost Of Your Garage Floor Coating

Whether you run a workshop from home or you just want a beautiful place to park your car, our garage floor coating opportunities will give you a great space to call your own. We offer residential concrete coating services to homes in the state of Michigan and the Metro Detroit area, so feel free to call (586) 226-9416 today for your free quote.

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