How Epoxy Floor Coating Can Protect Your Visitors

Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are a number of benefits that come with using epoxy floor coating in your business. Outside of the visual appeal and easy maintenance of this material, epoxy flooring could help you protect visitors that come through your building. Read on to learn about the unexpected ways epoxy floor coating can keep your guests safe.

Optional Slip Resistant Additives

When you get ready to install your epoxy floor coating, you can opt for a slip-resistant additive that will prevent people from falling on your floors. Most epoxy floors are fairly slick on the surface, but this additive gives them more friction to keep your guests grounded. Your employees may know to wear slip-resistant shoes, but that doesn’t mean that your visitors will. This way, everyone under your roof is as safe as they can be.

Color Coding For Different Zones In Your Business

Another great feature in epoxy floor coating is the fact that you can create colored patterns on your floors. This means that you can designate where your guests should and should not go based on the colors you use for the floors. If you want to allow people to take a tour of the facility, you may create paths in a special color that your guests will know to follow. You could also mark dangerous areas in a bright color to warn people not to go into that part of the building. Plan out your color coding in advance, and you’ll be able to plan ahead for your visitors’ safety.

Natural Concrete Repair

If you have minor damage on your existing concrete floors, industrial epoxy flooring can go directly over the concrete and fill in the cracks for you. This will minimize the trip and fall hazards in your facility and leave you with a smoother, better looking floor to show off. The materials we use in our epoxy floor coating are environmentally friendly, so you can protect your guests and Mother Nature at the same time. Everybody wins!

Crack Resistance

Epoxy floors are extremely durable, making them resistant to cracks and general wear and tear. Your floors will be able to stand up to the day to day abuse that your workers put it through, which means that the flooring as a whole will be safe for your guests to walk across. Don’t stress about having people walk across your cracked, unlevel floor. Cover up your problems and enjoy years of safety and security with industrial epoxy flooring from North American Coating Solutions.