How To Clean Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Worker Cleaning Epoxy Floor

Industrial epoxy flooring is known for being easy to clean and maintain. The coating on the surface is designed to repel stains, liquids, and chemicals that would be a problem on other flooring materials. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can take to keep your epoxy floors as clean as possible. Check out this guide to learn how to clean industrial epoxy flooring.

Cleaning Dust And Debris On Epoxy Floors

Basic dust and debris on the surface of your epoxy floors can be swept up with a soft-bristled broom. You can also use a commercial dust mop if you need to cover a large area at once. These are available at most improvement stores. The amount of sweeping you will need to do will depend on the amount of dust that builds up on your floors.

Cleaning Minor Spills On Epoxy Floors

Minor spills can usually be wiped up with a paper towel, terrycloth towel, microfiber cloth, or similar soft fabric swatch. If the spill is fairly large, you can use a mop to quickly absorb the liquid. Try to soak up the spill as soon as possible to avoid trip and fall hazards in your business.

Cleaning Heavy Soiling On Epoxy Floors

If your floor has not been cleaned in a while or a spill was left to dry out on the floor, you may need to use some advanced epoxy cleaning methods to clean the floors thoroughly. Start by sweeping all surface debris in the area as you normally would. Then use a mixture of hot water and clear ammonia to clean the remaining soiling. Use a ratio of 5 ounces of ammonia per gallon of water. Make sure your mop is clean before and after you use it.

Quick Cleaning Methods For Epoxy Floors

If you have a large epoxy floor that you want to clean quickly, you could simply run a hose over it and use a squeegee to get it dry. This will not target specific soiled areas, but it will clean the floor overall without much effort. Keep in mind the texture of your epoxy floor coating though. If you have colored chips or a slip-resistant seal on the surface, the squeegee may not be able to get over the texture on the floor. You’ll end up with pool of dirty water on the floor that will look unsightly over time.

With simple, regular cleaning, you should be able to enjoy your beautiful industrial epoxy flooring for years to come.